Oh what I'd do just to get into your arms
Ash. Witch. Mortuary student. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Cute animals excite me like you wouldn't believe.
my babies
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what the fuck why are people liking that old ass teribble sceney weenie selfie here reblog this instead
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i just found a memory card to one of my really old phones and just
can we talk about this for a second
this had to have been before high school because i had no piercings yet
what the fuck is with my makeup
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Women Killed For Being "Witches" In Rural India


I’m glad this is getting some coverage

are you fuvking shitting me right now im so mad im gonna fuck my cactus

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would anyone be willing to drive 3 hours to scranton pa with me so i can go to monumentour again or should i just stop hoping immediately????

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Blood bounces quite strikingly on snow not only because of the obvious color/contrast discrepancy, but the large difference in temperatures.

Another post to add to the list of “I swear I’m not a serial killer, just a writer”
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