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Ash. Witch. Mortuary student. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Cute animals excite me like you wouldn't believe.
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te cafe isfucking overcrowdedt oday and i feel liek im goingto puke i realllly domt like being in suh a small space wiht so many poepple i cantt brreaht

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i scrolled through a ton of posts all the way back to like, november
aaaand now im going to just go to sleep…..

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i have a ton of shit to do
but here i am
not doing any of it

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i got a 10/10 on my ARC exam

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life,death,reincarnation,via makeup.
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i need to be given a rule about going to bed by a certain time or something because every night i tell myself im going to sleep at a normal hour but then every night im not even in my room until like 2 am or im watching bullshit on youtube until like 5 am and its screwing with my school work and my health.

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